Match v Suffolk held at Middleton Hall Golf Club on 20th June 2019

Match Captain Sue Meadows reported that we hosted the match at Middleton Hall Golf Club on Thursday 20th June 2019 and fielded a team of 8 players.  Unfortunately, the evening before, the Suffolk Captain phoned to say they were one short and asked if we could find a ‘spare’ to play for them.  Angie Allsopp kindly stepped in and played for Suffolk.  Sadly, when we arrived, only 6 players turned up, so their Captain played a singles match.  However, we all very much enjoyed the fixture, the weather was fine and we were made very welcome by Middleton Hall who looked after us very well.   A win for Norfolk 4-0.

Full results:

Sue Meadows & Jean Johnson beat Liz Bezant 3 & 2
Mary Wilson & Tracy Russell beat Denise Martin & Angie Allsopp 3 & 1
Ann Whittington & Chrissie Owens beat Irma Suttle & Liz Jeary 6 & 5
Hilary Smyth & Anne Lockhart beat Anne Archer 8 & 7