Match v Lincolnshire Veterans held at Burghley Park Golf Club on 12th August 2019

This was the final match of the season and we fielded a team of 16 players which is the number that Lincolnshire usually play.  Match Captain Sue Meadows certainly had no problem in getting 16 Norfolk ladies.   The match was played at Burghley Park Golf Club which was not too far for our ladies to travel.  The weather was good and the course in excellent condition.   Overall result a win to Lincolnshire 5-3.  Badges were presented to Hilary Smyth and Chrissie Owens.

Full results were as follows:

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Match v Cambs & Hunts at Hunstanton on Tuesday 16th July 2019

Match Captain Sue Meadows reported that the match against Cambs & Hunts was played at Hunstanton on a lovely warm afternoon, with no wind.  The course was in excellent condition and everyone enjoyed playing a links course.  The teams were well looked after by the indoor staff, who provided a very good meal after play.  As always these matches are played in good spirit and Sue thanked President Ann Ewer very much for coming to see the team off.

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Match v Bedfordshire at The Bedford Golf Club on 8th July 2019

Match Captain Sue Meadows reported that the match with Bedfordshire was most enjoyable on a warm and sunny day.  The  course was in reasonable condition with lovely greens, though very tricky.  Little panic at 7.30 a.m. as Jean Johnson unfortunately had to drop out and so Angie Allsopp kindly stepped in at the very last minute.  We halved the match which was a good result as we lost to them last year at home.

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Match v Suffolk held at Middleton Hall Golf Club on 20th June 2019

Match Captain Sue Meadows reported that we hosted the match at Middleton Hall Golf Club on Thursday 20th June 2019 and fielded a team of 8 players.  Unfortunately, the evening before, the Suffolk Captain phoned to say they were one short and asked if we could find a ‘spare’ to play for them.  Angie Allsopp kindly stepped in and played for Suffolk.  Sadly, when we arrived, only 6 players turned up, so their Captain played a singles match.  However, we all very much enjoyed the fixture, the weather was fine and we were made very welcome by Middleton Hall who looked after us very well.   A win for Norfolk 4-0.

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Silver & Bronze Championships held at Royal Cromer on Monday 17th June 2019

Once again, we were blessed with a sunny but rather windy day on the Norfolk coast.

61 players from 19 clubs throughout the county played in the competition, 36 in Silver Division and 25 in Bronze Division, with 36 players entering the Gwen Watts Salver Over 65 which ran alongside the Championships.

A start time of 9.00 a.m. from the 1st tee for Silver Division, players in handicap order, our starter Mike set them on their way.  Our Bronze Division had a start time of 10.10 a.m. from the 15th tee, again in handicap order, our starter Mark set them off, with ball spotters at the ready with their orange flags.

Our thanks go to:

Margaret and Gail – Registration
Lady Captain Barbara and Trish – Raffle and Over 65 competition
Barbara and Trish – Checking and recording the results.

Thanks also go to Henri and his staff for the excellent food enjoyed by everyone.

Lady Captain Barbara welcomed players to Royal Cromer and hoped they had enjoyed their day.  After making a contribution to the Lady Captain’s charity (Medical Detection Dogs), the raffle raised £167 for the Norfolk & Norwich Hospitals Charity.

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Vets President Ann Ewer presented the prizes:

      Gross H/cap Nett  
Scratch 1st Sue Meadows 85     Championship Cup
Scratch 2nd Janet Lavin 87      
Scratch 3rd Elaine Richards 91      
Handicap 1st Angela Kiddell 92 17 75  
Handicap 2nd June Deans 94 18 76  
Handicap 3rd Maureen McRae 93 14 79ocb  


      Gross H/cap Nett  
Scratch 1st June Meadows 107ocb     Curtis Cup
Scratch 2nd Rosemary LeBargy 107      
Scratch 3rd Sheila Glenn 108ocb      
Handicap 1st Sue Lang 112 29 83  
Handicap 2nd Sara Bland 108 23 85ocb  
Handicap 3rd Julie Proctor 109 24 85  

Gwen Watts Salver (best nett score over 65 years)              
                                 Angela Kiddell                                             75


Silver Division Champion – Sue Meadows 

Bronze Division Champion – June Meadows (on left)








Spring 4BBB at Eaton Golf Club on 12th April 2019

On a typical April day of sunshine and showers, 112 ladies from 18 clubs played at Eaton Golf Club in the first NVLGS event of the year.

Our thanks to:

  • Our two starters – John on the 1st and Andrew on the 10th – both senior members of Eaton.
  • Registration – Lady Vice Captain Claire and Deborah.
  • Raffle Ticket Sales – Competition Secretary Trish Watson.  The raffle raised £200 for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity.
  • Sarah, Steve and Karen for their excellent organisation and catering, and all the staff at Eaton involved in the day.
  • John, Andrew and Roger for checking the cards.

Lady Captain Kari Joyce welcomed everyone to Eaton and a donation was made to her charity.

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2019 Annual General Meeting and Spring Lunch

In the absence of President Ann who was on holiday, Chairman Pippa Holliday welcomed 97 ladies to the 2019 AGM and ‘Spring’ Lunch held at Wensum Valley on Monday 18th February and extended a special  welcome to the new members and the ladies of Denver Golf Club.  This is the first year the Society has had members from Denver.

During the meeting, trophies were presented to the winners of the 2018 competitions:

Silver Division Winner Scratch Championship Cup Sue Meadows
Runner Up Scratch Joy Boult Salver Ann Lockhart
Winner Handicap Doreen Pallister Cup Pat Webb
Middleton Hall
Bronze Division Winner Scratch Curtis Cup

Pat Hancock

Runner Up Scratch Committee Salver Julie Proctor
King’s Lynn
Winner Handicap Bessie Turnbull Salver Claire Carney
Richmond Park

Over 65s          Best Nett Score in Either 

Gwen Watts Salver Mary Wilson
King’s Lynn
Spring Four Ball Betterball Smith Coasters

Joan Gill & Megan Applebeck  Middleton Hall

Autumn Greensome

Autumn Bowls

Anne Horne & Sharon Yenson Royal Cromer

Pippa thanked Nancy Allen (Hon Treasurer) and Jill Braybrooke (Hon Secretary) for all their hard work over the years and presented them with a token of the Society’s appreciation.  She welcomed the new Committee members – Sue Fage (Hon Treasurer) and Lynda Love (Hon Secretary) and hoped they would enjoy their time on the Committee.

A plant was presented to Pat Bland (Royal Norwich), Sallyann Dawes
(Royal Cromer) and Lesley Goodman (Sheringham).  Pippa thanked them on behalf of the Society for all they had done over the years as Club Representatives.

Lunch followed which everyone enjoyed and thanks were given to Trish Watson for organising the lunch and to Wensum Valley and the staff who always look after us so well.

Autumn Greensome Stableford at Costessey Park on 12th October 2018

On a very windy Friday morning, 52 ladies from 14 clubs attempted to play the course.  Many thanks to our two starters – John Watson on the 1st tee and Club Vice Captain Barry Craske on the 9th – and also to Barbara Warren and Trish Watson at the registration desk.  Raffle tickets were sold by Nancy Allen, raising £71 for the Norfolk Junior girls.  Our thanks also to Matt Bacon (General Manager) for the information screens in the clubhouse, checking/recording all the results.  Not forgetting the catering staff and the greenkeepers for making the day so enjoyable.  The sun eventually came out.

President Ann Ewer presented prizes to the following:

1st  Ann Horne & Sharon Yenson (Royal Cromer)                                 36 pts ocb
2nd Sheila Baxter (Royal Cromer) & Anne Sibley (Costessey Park)      36 pts
3rd Val Miller & Annette Hardy (Costessey Park)                                   33 pts ocb
4th Jane Watson & Mandy Wickison (Dunston Hall)                               33 pts
5th Sue Hill & Penny Frost (Dunston Hall)                                              32 pts

Best front 9   Maureen Everett & Janet Yeomans (King’s Lynn)            16 pts
Best back 9  Julie Proctor & Christine Bell (King’s Lynn)                       19 pts

AmAm at Swaffham Golf Club on Monday 17th September 2018

Report from this year’s organiser, Match Vice Captain Sue Meadows:

The entry for this event exceeded all expectations.  Entries were received from 40 teams.  To use a two tee start for this event, we would only have been able to accept 22 teams, so in order not to disappoint everyone and with the co-operation of Swaffham Golf Club and after consultation with our President and Chairman, we decided to use one tee and make it possible for all 40 teams to participate.

Because of the huge entry, it was decided not to have a presentation on the day but winners would be notified by email and the results would be published on the website.

In aid of the Norfolk County Juniors, we ran a big raffle which was very favourably received.

The pace of play was very good and most teams were round in about four hours.

Thanks must be given to a very kind gentleman from Swaffham who acted as car park attendant and to Tony and Ann Ewer who were starters for the day.

Unfortunately, the only downfall of the day was for the end of field players whose food was not up to expectations.

Overall the day went well and everyone enjoyed the warm pleasant weather.

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Match v Lincolnshire Vets at King’s Lynn on Thursday 9th August 2018

Match Captain Angie Allsopp reported that we had a most successful match – a win for Norfolk 31/2-2 1/2 – at King’s Lynn against the Lincolnshire Vets. Unfortunately, the weather was not good; after all the lovely weather we have had, it poured all day, but everyone went out quite happily. We were looked after by King’s Lynn 100%, providing us with an excellent meal following play. The results are as follows:

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